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Jul 31, 2014
It’s not ALL noses in books and fingers on keyboards around Centre for Arts and Technology. Our students often get to go on enriching and fun fieldtrips to points in the Okanagan and BC proper. The Veterinary Hospital Assistant students spent several days wrangling their four legged friends in Knox Mountain Park with animal guru Brad Pattison. The Digital Filmmaking students took a field trip to...
Jul 25, 2014
Centre for Arts and Technology is pleased to announce that an articulation agreement has been reached with RCC Institute of Technology in Concord, Ontario. Articulation is the process of comparing course content between post-secondary institutions. This agreement will provide a simple and guaranteed transfer of course credits for Interior Design students looking to pursue a Bachelor of Interior...
Jul 24, 2014
Recently one of our Audio Engineering Graduates from Halifax, Tynan Dunfield was featured in a newspaper article in the "HERE MAGAZINE VOL.15 Issue 29/July 17-23, 2014". Congrats to Tynan, we are beyond proud of you! To check out some of Vogue Dot's music, visit their Soundcloud account. To read the article, view the PDF version from HERE Magazine. 
Jul 16, 2014
Earlier in June we caught wind of two of our audio graduates playing at a huge concert at the PNE Ground in Vancouver on Canada Day long weekend. Datsik and Excision are graduates from the Audio Engineering Program in Kelowna and have experienced massive success in their own rights ever since.As a school we felt we would be negligent if we didn’t send at least one current student to cheer...
Jun 20, 2014
Earlier this week, animation students had the opportunity to showcase their work and hear feedback from animation alumni. Department Head of Animation Sean Ridgway wason hand to facilitate the evening and described the goal for the evening was “was to bring in a few of the many successful animation alumni to give back to our current animation students.  The discussions centered around what...
Jun 20, 2014
As we approach the end of this quarter, the Kelowna campus is buzzing with many celebratory events where students are given the opportunity to showcase the results of another term of hard work and passion.Last night saw the Digital Filmmaking students hosting staff, friends, family and the community for their Student Film Showcase. 6 films were shown, covering everything from fictional short...
Jun 10, 2014
We are thrilled to feature a testimonial from one of the top Entertainment companies in the Valley. Bardel Entertainment Inc. is a "fully integrated entertainment company, engaged in developing, producing and distributing award winning, audience-driven content.For 25 years, the studio has been a major player in the animation industry, supplying creative services for many of the world's largest...
Jun 9, 2014
Recently one of our animation instructors was prominently featured in an issue of Culture Magazine. Elizabeth Dykosky is a very talented individual that we are proud to have as part of our instructor body. We have made a digital copy of the article available for you to enjoy. To see more of Elizabeth's amazing work you can also visit her online portfolio at her website. [[{"type":"media","...
Jun 9, 2014
Here at Centre for Arts and Technology, we pride ourselves in connecting people with their passions and creating a bridge between opportunity and success. One way that we make our programs accessible to a larger audience is through scholarship opportunities. This Spring we hosted a whole series of online contests focused on finding the best and brightest in each category and awarding them...
Jun 5, 2014
Last year, our Audio Engineering Department in Fredericton purchased a PreSonus StudioLive 16.4.2 digital mixer and recording interface for their ‘Live Sound Reinforcement’ class.  StudioLive mixers have become the industry standard for live sound engineers since it allows them to record and mix performances at the same time.  The StudioLive 16.4.2 has a plethora of programmable high-...