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Nov 21, 2014
[[{"type":"media","view_mode":"media_large","fid":"1973","attributes":{"alt":"","class":"media-image","height":"309","typeof":"foaf:Image","width":"480"}}]]Centre for Arts and Technology has a close working relationship with Bardel Entertainment, a local animation studio in Kelowna who has, to-date, hired 15 of our animation graduates. Recently, there was an opportunity to further strengthen...
Oct 23, 2014
When like-minded individuals come together, great things can happen, and our day spent with counsellors and teachers from the local school district is definitely the start of great things! Yesterday, we had over 30 counsellors and teachers join us on campus to learn about all the programs and opportunities available to students attending Centre for Arts and Technology. Initial feedback from...
Oct 15, 2014
A smart and hilarious web-series produced, directed and shot by our Digital Filmmaking students at Centre for Arts and Technology in Kelowna BC.
Sep 3, 2014
The idea to host an online gaming tournament weekend originally came from the IT department at Centre for Arts and Technology. They suggested it as a way to engage a whole new audience and bolster our presence in the local community. After much deliberation, League of Legends was selected as the online game of choice for Centre for Arts and Technology’s first foray into the world of online gaming...
Aug 21, 2014
For the 9th annual CATO Vancouver Studios Tour August 12-14,  our graduating Animation students from Kelowna visited Nerdcorps Entertainment, Bardel Entertainment, Atomic Cartoons, Electronic Arts and attended the Siggraph Job FairIn addition, Sean Ridgway and, lead instructor, Roland Baron were personally invited to an ‘Educator’s Evening’ at Sony Pictures Imageworks studio in Vancouver to...
Aug 19, 2014
The music has come and gone, the food trucks are all packed up and the field has been cleaned of leftover debris. As the last day of The Salmon Arm Roots and Blues Festival comes to an end, the students and staff present at the festival are left with a feeling of accomplishment. This weekend was truly an opportunity for the students to transition from pupils to professionals, and it was a...
Aug 16, 2014
Phew! So we all survived Day 1 and have now moved on to Day 2. Day 2 brings new artists, new guests on the festival grounds, and many new challenges for the students. It has been a wonderful and valuable education experience for them, allowing them to discern the difference between their skills on campus and how they translate to the outside world. And so without further adieu... more from the...
Aug 15, 2014
Well as promised we are here at Salmon Arm Roots and Blues Festival. We travelled from Kelowna by school bus, towing our gear trailer behind! Below you will see a series of mini blogs from the first day on site. All of these images are courtesy of our digital photography students who have been working hard behind the scenes. First up, Kaila Wirth:Having the opportunity to photograph the...
Aug 11, 2014
The Fashion Design and Merchandising department at Centre for Arts and Technology is abuzz with activity lately. The senior students are busy preparing for their final graduation fashion show, we hosted an Open House recently to let the public see all the amazing things going on behind our doors and one of our alumni is headed to New York to feature her designs in a fashion week couture show!You...
Aug 5, 2014
In the short time since Jill Setah graduated from the Fashion Design and Merchandising program at Centre for Arts and Technology, this talented and driven Mother of 4 has achieved more than many do in an entire career. Since graduating in 2012 from the Fashion Design and Merchandising program at Centre for Arts and Technology she has been busy working towards her goals as well as taking care of...